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Jun 2017

ASA joined PrimeGlobal, a global association of accounting firms

We are pleased to announce that Aoyama Sogo Accounting Firm became a member of
PrimeGlobal* (, a global association of accounting firms.

PrimeGlobal numbers approximately 300 highly specialized independent accounting firms
offering accounting, tax, audit/internal audit services, corporate finance advisory, asset
management advisory, etc. in North America, Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe,
and Asia-Pacific regions.

*Established in Delaware US, in 1978. PrimeGlobal numbers approximately 300 firms in 85
countries, with more than 850 offices, 2,100 partners, and 17,500 employees (as of November, 2016).

In cooperation with PrimeGlobal’s global network, ASA Group will pursue and deliver the
value-added cross-border services.

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