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Corporate Philosophy Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

To Continue to be an Attractive Company

ASA Group continues to build on the foundation that has made us an “attractive company” for “our clients” who rely on us as vital partners and “our employees and partners” who pursue their professional development. We hope to continue to be an attractive company in providing essential services to our clients.

attractive company


ASA Group’s mission is to provide necessary information to our clients with accuracy, speed, and continuity in the fields of finance and real estate.
Where information is gathered, people gather, and ultimately businesses gather.
Relying upon our vast knowledge base in finance and real estate, we will ensure that essential information is provided when our clients need it most.

Corporate Philosophy

For everyone to be a professional

ASA Group members are professionals that find their work to be rewarding. We believe that our focus on professionalism and growth as an organization will ultimately lead to client satisfaction.
Our idea of “Professional” is one that,

① Works with a strong sense of purpose
② Has a business mind beyond tax and accounting expertise
③ Is capable of teaching someone else

We strive to grow as an organization that prides itself on assisting our clients and stakeholders, as well as seeing our employees develop as professionals.

To be intellectual infrastructure for your business

We will be our clients’ essential partner = infrastructure.
We support our clients so that they can focus on running and expanding their business.

Our Guiding Principles

ASA Group members follow the <ISQ> principles below in providing our services.


To challenge current frameworks in pursuit of new ways

  • Tackle new challenges
  • Have new ideas
  • Improve current ways

To respond promptly to our clients’ needs

  • Within expected turnaround
  • As fast as possible
  • With minimal effort

To deliver high quality services that go beyond expectation

  • To be high quality
  • To have trust in our services
  • To be accurate for decision-making

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