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June 2011

  This is to report that ASA group has appointed a new advisor in the field of international tax and overseas expansion support.

  1. On the appointment of a new advisor

    Mr. Kiyoshi Kawamura has been appointed an advisor for ASA group. As part of the effort to enhance international tax and overseas expansion advisory services, which is one of the major services offered by ASA group, we will strengthen our collaboration with Aoba Business Consulting, Ltd. Personnel from Aoba Business Consulting have a range of expertise in accounting, tax, and legal consulting services in China, and they will support the promotion of ASA group's business going forward.

  2. Introduction of the advisor

    Name: Kiyoshi Kawamura

    Short biography:
    Mar 1994
    Graduated from the University of Tsukuba, College of International Studies
    Apr 1994
    Joined the accounting firm Hong Kong Daniel Kung & Co.
    Apr 2000
    Appointed principal of the auditing firm Aoba CPA Ltd.
    Sep 2005
    Appointed managing director of Aoba Business Consulting Ltd. (present post)
    Feb 2006
    Concurrently served as managing director of Aoba Business Consulting Guangzhou Ltd.
    Sep 2010
    Concurrently serves as managing director of Aoba Business Consulting Beijing Ltd. (present post)

  3. Overview of Aoba Business Consulting

    Aoba Business Consulting Ltd. is a consulting firm established in 1989 with a certified Hong Kong accounting firm as the parent organization.

    Aoba Business Consulting has provided expertise and services in the fields of high-quality business plan structuring, lobbying, business strategy, and business restructuring, as well as support in the financial, tax, and legal fields.

    Aoba's primary objective is to help resolve issues that may arise in China.

    They provide highly professional services to resolve a variety of different external or internal risks and problems so that They clients may more efficiently create further added value.

    At Aoba, people of different nationalities and professions offer solutions to a wide range of issues through innovative approaches.

    They act under the principle that it is important to clarify recognized problems and issues, explicitly understand client needs, provide adequate guidelines and solutions to clients, and maintain good communication.

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