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November 2010

  1. Support for maritime industry

      As part of the strategy, we have established Maritime Group. The group will provide services in the areas of logistics and distribution, particularly for the maritime industry in Asia, which will necessarily undergo globalization driven by the economic development taking place in Asian countries. By adopting this approach, the group intends to meet the diverse needs of shipping agents and thereby contribute to the development of the industry.

      Specifically, the Maritime Group provides the following services: support services to assist the expansion of companies overseas, including planning and accounting/tax treatment in destination countries; international tax-related services including formulation of comprehensive tax strategies and advice on taxation systems in effect in those countries; support services for succession of business and inheritance tax treatment; and SPV management service for ship-owning companies including accounting/tax treatment and fund management.

  2. Support for global investment business

      There is a growing and widespread need to find investment opportunities in and around Asia. Accordingly, we have separated the investment strategy team from the Global Advisory Group and set up Global Investment Division in order to quickly address such needs.

      The work of the Global Investment Division is focused mainly on China, Vietnam and Malaysia as its target countries. In tie-up with business partners who have strong local relationships, the division dedicates itself to the discovery of good investment projects, providing accounting and tax advice, fund management service, and investment arrangements for unlisted companies and infrastructure development projects that have the potential to perform well. Working in coordination with locally stationed staff, the division also provides comprehensive support and back-up to Japanese enterprises expanding overseas, helping them set up local enterprises and providing them with accounting and tax advice.

Contact info for inquiries:
Maritime Group

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Global Investment Strategy Division

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