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SDG(Smart Data Guideway)計画 SDG(Smart Data Guideway)計画

Smart Data Guideway

SDG Plan

SDG(Smart Data Guideway)Plan

Under our “SDG Plan”, ASA Group will become more than an accounting firm, allowing our fund-based clients to focus on sourcing and increasing the value of their investments. While we will continue to provide our core fund administration services, we look to implement DX to deliver faster and more accurate data to our clients and ultimately to investors.

(Current) Data format and Systems


SDG Plan

1st STEP:Expansion of Services

We will provide asset managers (AM), general partners of PE funds (GP), and property managers (PM) with additional support services, particularly those that align closely with existing ASA services.
Examples: Cash flow preparation, budget control, PM report preparation support

2nd STEP:A Systematic Approach

By extracting and standardizing information from various AM, GP, and PM data sets, we will deliver faster and more accurate data to our clients and investors. Specifically, a web-based system will allow financial figures to be available one business day from month-end close.
Examples: Cash flow projection, dividend projection, NAV flash report

Smart Data Guideway 2022-2025 (1st STEP〜2nd STEP )


3rd STEP:Becoming an Information-based Provider

By maintaining confidentiality and building a database of market, investment property, and structure information, we will serve various roles including marketing, advisory, and thinktank for our clients and investors. ASA Group will go beyond the confines of an accounting firm to become an information-based provider.

Smart Data Guideway 2026 (3rd STEP )


Final STEP:Integrated Platform

By providing an integrated platform for the Japanese real estate market, we look to add greater transparency and convenience for real estate transactions. We hope to ultimately contribute to a more accessible market for both domestic and foreign investors.

Smart Data Guideway 2027(Final STEP )


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